Grades and Options

All Katahdin Clapboard Company clapboards are:

  • Quartersawn Vertical-Grain Red Spruce Clapboards & White Pine Clapboards
  • Square-Edged, ending in a taper
  • Planed smooth on one side (can be installed rough side out)
  • Air & Kiln-Dried to approx. 12% moisture content

We offer the following Clapboard Grades:

  • Extra Clears – Unblemished Clapboards
  • 2nd Clears – Minor Blemishes, Occasional Small Knots
  • Cottage – Major Blemishes with Knots, Multi-Purpose Rustic-Look Clapboards



Clapboards are graded for 2″ overlap and come in 6?”, 6″, 5?”, 5″ and 4?” widths.



70% of your order will be 5 – 6 foot boards with the balance in varying shorter lengths. The shorter boards come in handy around doors, windows, dormers and gable ends. With the longest length being 6 feet long, installation can be done with one person.



To determine how many lineal feet of clapboards you should order, simply multiply the square feet of area to be covered by 12. Then divide by the reveal (what you wish left showing), and this will give you the lineal footage needed for your project.

For example: 1000 square feet of wall to be covered times 12 inches equals 12,000.
12,000 divided by 4 (your reveal) equals 3000′ lineal feet of our 6″ clapboard.