Specializing in Producing Authentic Vertical Grain Early American-Style Clapboards

Proudly Made in the State of Maine

Formally the Northern Division of the Ward Clapboard Mill

Since the nineteenth century, New Englanders have known that vertical grain clapboards made a superior siding for their homes. The Katahdin Clapboard Company is continuing the traditions of our pioneers in manufacturing quality logs into beautiful Quarter-Sawn Clapboards.


Why Clapboards?

Clapboards are a wood siding, providing a better protective barrier than aluminum. Many feel that when it comes to the exterior of your home, nothing beats the look of beveled wood clapboard siding. It is a unique, classic look that brings out your home’s natural appeal. The smooth lines and texture of clapboard siding can provide a comfortable, rustic look to your home – without appearing old and outdated.

Here at Katahdin Clapboard Company, we use only the finest quality pine and spruce logs to manufacture our clapboards. We are proud to deliver and ship our beautiful siding to customers across Maine and New England. We aim to offer competitive pricing and unmatched quality in our Quarter-Sawn Clapboards.

Quality Clapboards at an Affordable Price